Which "The Woods" Member do you Kin the Most?

This is a quiz about the members from "The Woods" discord server. Answer all of the questions to figure out which member of the server you kin the most.

"The Woods" was a discord server that started off as "Neverskies." Eventually Ethan ruined it and we becamee the server you all know and love today called "The Woods" until it got super toxic.

Created by: emma

  1. Are you gay?
  2. Thoughts on kids?
  3. Do you like to have fun?
  4. Are you currently obsessing over a character / show / person / movie?
  5. Communism: Based or Not?
  6. What's your age?
  7. Are you british?
  8. Do you think feet are cool?
  9. Do you like kpop?
  10. Would you defend your friends stupid actions?
  11. Cats or Dogs?
  12. Do you have a good relationship with your family?

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Quiz topic: Which "The Woods" Member do I Kin the Most?