Are you a therian?

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Hi I am a therian/ furry and this quizz/ test is to see if you are a therian or possibly an alterhuman! Please be honest or you results will not be correct!

Please keep in mind this test is not completely accurate so results could be different to other tests. Even if you get not a therian as your result you can still celebrate the therian community!

Created by: Nyx.on.paws
  1. Have you ever had a shift?
  2. Why are you taking this test?
  3. What is a therian?
  4. Do you have any therian friends?
  5. What awakened you as a therian?
  6. Do you own any gear?
  7. Which is more likely to be therian gear?
  8. True or false? A fake therians is someone who doesn't wear gear?
  9. What is your theriotype?
  10. Is a therian cringe?
  11. Do you feel a connection to any environment? e.g desert, forest, ocean or sky.

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Quiz topic: Am I a therian?