Are you a Therian?

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Welcome to my quiz hope u enjoy and byeee! ( I hope ur a Therian cuz im also a Therian) I love how u chose my quiz and that you aren’t a hater! If u r a hater then, it okay! Everyone should just be them selves! Bye see ya?????

I love how you picked my quiz and I din’t care what you get! Just be ur self and people will like u ! Have fun taking it! Bye hope u have a great rest of ur day! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Created by: Thea
  1. Do u know what a Therian is?
  2. Do u like going outside in the woods?
  3. Do u do quads?
  4. Fav color??
  5. Why r u taking this quiz?
  6. Did u like this quiz????????????????
  7. R u a hater??
  8. Do u like Taylor swift?? ( not Therian stuff don’t worry)
  9. R Therian and furrys the same thing??
  10. Fav season?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Therian?