Are You A Stuntboarder

Are you a stuntboarder? Do you know how to work that board? Are you getting board of your board? Do you have your own pads and helmet company at the age of 9, then this quiz is for you.

!!! REMEMBER, this quiz is a JOKE. Don't be gettin all serious, or you'll never pass it. AT ALL. REMEMBER, this is just anoter example in how lieing is important to survive in life!!!

Created by: Tyler
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  1. Does Bam Margera Refuse To Follow Your Drop-in?
  2. Is Your Name Listed In The Guinness Book Of world Records?
  3. Have You Just Received A Call From David Letterman's "people"?
  4. Are Dogs Afraid Of You?
  5. Do You Hold Press Conferences?
  6. Will You Need The Assistance Of An Apache Helicopter For Your Next Trick?
  7. Does Skateboarding Bore You Now?
  8. Is Your Skeleton made Entirely Of Steel?
  9. Do You Ride Tight Indy 215's With 60mm Wheels?
  10. Do Your Sponsers Include The Medical Center,Byrds Funeral Home, or Red Bull?
  11. Do You Own A Parachute?
  12. Does Your Partner On Vert is Riding A Motorcycle?
  13. Does Evel Knievel Cover His Eyes During Your Tricks?
  14. Have You Looked At The Egyptian Pyramids and said,"Nah, that hip is too small."
  15. Do You Wear Pads On Top Of Your Pads?
  16. Did Your Last Trick Appear On The Evening News?

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