So you think you know me...lets see if you really do...

so are you just someone who has met me but dont really know me? or are you a best friend?? well know you can find out all you have to do is..TAKE THE TEST...

try it out im sure you will suprise yourself sorry if you dont like it but i was really board. (so what do you do when your board? you make a quiz)

Created by: Floyd of this site
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  1. what is my fav. color?
  2. what class have i taken for 10 years?
  3. when is my birthday?
  4. what is my middle name?
  5. what kinda music is mostly on my ipod?
  6. if i could be anything for a day what would i be?
  7. what color are my eyes?
  8. whats my fav sport?
  9. what do i alwasy have with me?
  10. who have i know the longest?
  11. whats my fav holiday ?
  12. what do i like to do when i get board?
  13. whats my nick name?
  14. what grade am i supouse to tbe in?
  15. whats my saying?
  16. whats my cats name?
  17. what are my fav shows?
  18. what are the only 2 drinks i order from starbucks?
  20. have i ever had detention or been suspended from school in the past?

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