Are you a stoner?

This is a quiz for stoners.. See if you are a true stoner see if your a wannabe , a newbie , a young g , or a G!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the test to find out

Do u wanna know what it takes to be a true stoner ? Take this quiz find out in a couple of minutes i hope you find this test a good one if u dont then your not a stoner!

Created by: Raamon

  1. Are you high right now?
  2. Are you hungry right now? If yes how hungry
  3. What is a bowl?
  4. What is weed?
  5. What is the stoner number?
  6. Whats it mean??
  7. What do red,yellow,green mean?
  8. How much times a week u get high?
  9. Do you grow ?
  10. How much is a gram?

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Quiz topic: Am I a stoner?