What Kind of Stoner are You

How do you feel when you blaze? Are you tired? Happy?..Over happy? Do you get hungry or find your self in a heated discussion with yourself confusing others around you?

Not sure? Find out what kind of stoner you are by taking this short and simple quiz. Answer honestly for this could prove useful in your next conversation with yourself.

Created by: SparklyScarlett

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  1. When you do what you do, do you do it.
  2. Do you smoke to fall asleep?
  3. Do you reflect on life and babble?
  4. Do you sing along to led zeppelin, while dancing and telling your friends "ya gotta try this!"
  5. Are you the one who says.."I'm Hungry!" then complains and won't shut up until their tummies are satisfied.
  6. When asked a question you usually respond...
  7. When in a tree are you the stoner who...
  8. In a field, the cops spot you. Your first response is to...
  9. If you had the ability to manipulate fire, what would be the first thing you would burn...
  10. While stoned, you are working on homework, you usually...
  11. What sounds more appealing...

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Stoner am I