Are you A stalker?

There are many young women and even men in stressing situation because they are being stalked. If one simple quiz can make a stalker realize there problem it may have all the differents in the world.

Is there someone you just can't get out your mind and will do anything to catch that person attention. Are you a stalker or is it just a simple crush find out with this quiz "Are you a stalker"

Created by: Nancy
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  1. You have a website or a blog you visit regularly?
  2. You know everything about your ex, who he or she is seeing, what they do, where they go.
  3. You have created aliases to "keep an eye" on someone
  4. You rountinely watch someone either online, or " through your sources
  5. The person that you watch regularly has been physically threatened by you
  6. Not only do you obsessively visit someone's blog, myspace, facebook,or twitter, you have set up your own to rebut and "let your own voice be heard
  7. I have contacted the person family, friends, and even ex's in an atttempt to gain info and feel even closer to that person
  8. You sought out the person younger siblings or own children to gain evidence against them
  9. You have fantasy about making "them pay" or getting them back
  10. You move closer to him or her just to see them more
  11. You have fabricated lies about the person in an attempt to manipulate or destroy their lives
  12. You beleive this person wants to see you and be with you even though this person has done nothing to make you beleive so

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Quiz topic: Am I A stalker?