Are You a Space Shuttle Geek?

Here in the twenty-first century, we've accomplished some pretty amazing technological feats. Not the least of which is the space shuttle, the most complex vehicle ever built.

How much do you know about America's fleet of winged spacecraft? Take this short quiz, then send it to your friends and see if they're as brainy and/or nerdy as you are.

Created by: Uncle Robbie

  1. Which shuttle was the first to be launched into space?
  2. Which shuttle never went into space?
  3. The shuttles made their first launches in which order?
  4. Who was the first American woman to fly in space?
  5. Which shuttle was the first to fly after the Challenger accident?
  6. Which shuttle was the first to fly after the Columbia accident?
  7. Who was the first female shuttle commander?
  8. What is the part of the shuttle with a name (like "Columbia") called?
  9. The Challenger accident was the _____ flight in the space shuttle program.
  10. OV-102 was better known as ____
  11. What does "STS" stand for?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Space Shuttle Geek?