Are You a Sociopath

Sociopath- usually not a good thing. You might've never thought, but there are more sociopaths than people like to admit-- are you one of them? **Read last question thoroughly**

Are YOU a sociopath? Do you have that hidden uncaring side that makes you stand out? Are you manipulative and somewhat cruel to others/animals? You might just not be bad. But are you a sociopath? FIND OUT WITH THIS QUIZ!

Created by: Jill
  1. You see a very old homeless person begging, their clothing torn and tear tracks on their face. You...
  2. How do you treat animals/pets?
  3. Your friend (or someone you know) goes through a breakup and goes to you for comfort. You...
  4. Do you consider yourself a sociopath?
  5. How do you feel around people having breakdowns/showing lots of emotion?
  6. Your thoughts on other people?
  7. How much affection do you show with your family?
  8. What do others think of you?
  9. What is one word you would describe yourself as? (IF NONE APPLY CLICK ON #6 AND GO TO NEXT QUESTION)
  10. What is one word you would describe yourself as? (UNLESS YOU ANSWERED #6 ON PREVIOUS QUESTION CLICK #6 THIS TIME AND MOVE ON)
  11. What is your winning trait?
  12. You get called a rather rude name by someone you care about / someone closer to you than most. You feel...
  13. Keep in mind that this quiz is going off the definition and main stereotypes for a sociopath. My cousin is a sociopath and he isn't heartless, he just has trouble with emotions and stuff. KEEP IN MIND that not all sociopaths are coldhearted and awful. Don't worry if you get a sociopath label for this quiz, it might just be my horrible quiz-making skills. And I am not a doctor so I cannot diagnose anything. (But if you get 100% you might wanna check yourself out)

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Quiz topic: Am I a Sociopath