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  • Are you a snob or a slob?
    Your Result: Member of the Royal family 88%

    You are King/Queen of the snobs. Yes theres no doubt about it your posh, and good for you. Maybe public transport isn't your thing, or you like to drink tea with your little finger out whilest eating jam and scones, or maybe not. Either way lighten up a bit. Give the butler a rest, join the common people occasionally and slob out. :-)

  • Your Result: Average 92%

    You're perfect, not too slobby or snobbish, just there in the middle. In your life your snob and slob sides are balanced, and good for you. Take a break now and then and slob out in front of the tv, or invite the neighbours round for a spot of tea to expose your snobbish side. :-)

    61% Member of the Royal family
    55% Posh
    26% Slob
    8% Member of the Royle family

  • Excuse me, but the royal family do NOT eat swans and are NOT inbred dumbloods. If you knew Will and Katie like I do, you would find that everyone in that family, including my Grandmere, are very considerate and compassionate people and represent my country well.

  • Yes! Average! Im Normal! P.S don't listen to the repost tis coment stuff...

  • Inaccurate quiz. Btw I chose all of the slob options and I got royal family XD

  • Im a snob....

  • I'm a Average YAY!! this is true


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