Are you a Smiler?

Miley Cyrus is a singer. She grew up in Nashville and was famous for Hannah Montanna and that was not her first acting gig. But when she dyed her hair platinum-blonde and cut it short and started making weird videos like We Can't Stop but beautiful songs like Wrecking Ball, everyone missed the Miley with the long brown hair. But it's still the same Miley! Just a haircut! She is just expressing who she is.

But are you a Smiler which a Miley fan. Do you know all about this singer? My favourite song is Party In The Usa and my second favourite is Wrecking Ball. You probably know why it's second. It's the videos fault. But to see if you know you are Smiler, test your knowledge to this quiz!

Created by: Crysta

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  1. What is her real name?
  2. What's her dad's name?
  3. What month was she born in?
  4. What is her star sign?
  5. What happened at her dad's interview when Miley was two?
  6. What did Miley do which made her get kicked out of her school?
  7. Why was Miley handwriting not neat?
  8. Is Miley really left-handed or right-handed?
  9. What happened to her heart?
  10. Are you a Smiler?
  11. Will you comment?
  12. Will you rate?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Smiler?