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  • Piece of s--- quiz.

    Starts off trying to be fair and gender equal then gets into very specific male bashing scenarios that don't apply to the general public and is useless as indicator for what the quiz sets out to determine. It's a crap quiz and is utterly sexist (against males).

    It send to be conjured up on the experience of one bitter person, who should probably be shot for thinking they possess some sort of insight on this subject and probably fuels hate.

    Not to mention the awful spelling and grammar.

    I hope the quiz is taken down and the writer is arrested.... Or at least barred from ever lending an opinion again.

    • i'm sorry,but what the actual f---. from this comment i can tell your a complete jackass and drama queen. and what if you were close friends with this person. how would you feel if some one said that to you? ugh, you disgust me, AND TO THE CREATER OF THIS QUIZ!!! i liked it,don't let people like this put you down

  • just right. nice quiz :).


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