Are you a self righteous tragically hip douche bag?

Some people are too cool for their own good. Some people are just so damn cool that they annoy everybody around them. But far too few are cool enough to be self righteous tragically hip douche bags. Do you have what it takes?

Up until now you had to wonder, am I cool enough? Are my efforts going unnoticed? Is being a Vegan really enough to set me apart from the uncool masses? Well, today's your lucky day. The wait is over. Find out just how cool you really are.

Created by: todd poverty
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How do you get around town?
  2. Generally speaking you prefer to listen to
  3. Do you own a studded belt?
  4. Are you a Vegan?
  5. What kind of movies do you like?
  6. Where do you hang out?
  7. Do you dress like a bike messenger?
  8. Do you like to Debate?
  9. Where do you buy your clothing?
  10. Do you own a second hand Corduroy Blazer?
  11. Books are:
  12. Have you ever Protested?
  13. Is Oakland the New San Francisco
  14. When hanging out with your friends do you tend to discuss Politics and Religion or how awesome your new tattoo is?
  15. Do you have a Nautical theme Tattoo?
  16. Is pink the new black?
  17. o you carry your keys on a carabiner?
  18. Do you like to accessorize your out fits with a black bandana?
  19. Do you wear wristbands?

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Quiz topic: Am I a self righteous tragically hip douche bag?