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  • My husband and I made a traditionally structured home for logical, rational reasons. The traditional model is the tried and true model for raising kids. My husband's an atheist/agnostic. I'm a secular Jew, but religion had very little to do with our arrangement.

    And he's pro-choice (with limitations and regulations) and I'm pro-life. We are the antithesis of 'progressive' and it has nothing to do with religion.

    People are so narrow-minded.

  • Peter, I also found some of the questions unanswerable as they said things like, "Do you believe Christmas should be taken out of schools and having no prayers in school" (or something of that nature. I do not believe in having prayers at school but I don't see why we should't leave Christmas a part of it. Evne many Jews celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday for children and many non-religious people celebrate it as well. So, how should I answer that question? I think the questions were somewhat unfair that way. I didn't give it a very good rating.

  • These questions were very leading toward the conservative side. Also, some were difficult to answer due to being vague. For instance, I don't think all terrorists should be held to the Geneva Conventions standards, but I also don't believe in torture, indefinite lock-up with no trial, etc.

    Peter Principle
  • This quiz basically says that all conservatives are christians, and progressives are secular. Not true. I'm a proud atheist, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm against abortion, same-sex marriage, big government, and pro-constitution (first amendment contradicts the 'under god' part).

  • Why does everything have to be so black and white? I'm agnostic, but act like a moderate Protestant, Classical Liberal (i.e. Libertarian that lives in the real world, Reagan-ish type) because I think it works best.

    Two stars.

  • What a daughter for what I'm a girl I didn't get that question but kinda good quiz but if I can be anything but I would be a dark powerful person and security keep stuff to my self

    Cinder fall 101
  • (sorry it accidently sent)

    In public schools,do you believe that Christmas should be taken out and condoms given out freely?

    2.n o -christmas question- no I don't attribute it to religion

    -condom question- sure, less pregnant teens hopefully

  • In public schools,do you believe that Christmas should be taken out and condoms given out freely?


    3.wt f? -christmas question- no I don't attribute it t


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