Are you a Rockband nerd?

Hi... if your taking this quiz I hope you have rockband. Because I dont want someone to answer the questions randomly... Cause thats boring. answer honestly... it doesnt really matter what you get i just wanna see what people get and please comment on this quiz and say what you got and if you think this quiz is gay. Why would I care???

If you think you are a rockband nerd this is the quiz for you! only 2 will be nearly impossible to answer.. and please answer honestly i like to see what people get.. I dont really care if you think I have no life.. cause i know its not true cause i have more friends than you can count!

Created by: Tyler

  1. How many songs are there in the game? (not downloadable content)
  2. Whats the hardest song on drums? (according to the game)
  3. Whats the hardest song on guitar? (according to the game)
  4. Whats the hardest song to sing? (according to the game)
  5. Whats the hardest song as a band? (according to the game)
  6. How many notes are in Learn to fly on guitar expert?
  7. There is a emo song on rockband (according to the game) True or false?
  8. Who sings Welcome home?
  9. How many songs did i gold star on guitar expert? i know you dont know this but lets see if you can get it right
  10. Last Question. What level do i play on all of them..

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Quiz topic: Am I a Rockband nerd?