How geeky are you

Well plain and simple are you a nerd or are you popular.You always wanted to know well heres a quiz that could tell you just a matter of minutes.

So are you a nerd.So are you popular.Now you finnaly know.With this wonderful wuiz in a matter of minutes you will know the world greatest question.Nerd or genuis.

Created by: jesse
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. In school or when u where at school how many kids sat near u at lunch.
  2. How often do u get out of the house
  3. Whats your level on world of warcraft
  4. how many dates have u had
  5. What is your grade average
  6. Whats your favorite show
  7. How many Major Oline Role Playing Game acounts do you have
  8. How many times have u gotten detention in shcool
  9. Whats your genre of music
  10. How many times have you gotten into a fight
  11. How many hours a day do you spend on the computer
  12. How many girls/boys at school did u think/thought liked u
  13. Whats your favorite game on the computer/internet
  14. How many times have you went into your locker at school and saw something stolen/smashed
  15. If you had a choice bewteen a girl and a version of world of warcraft that wouldn't be released till next year which would you choose
  16. Whats your favorite species of animal
  17. Would you rather kiss a girl or have a date on world of warcraft
  18. Would your wrather have a hot girl who hated world of warcraft or a fat girl who liked world of warcraft
  19. Braces or Grills or Regular
  20. But now seriously have u ever kissed a girl
  21. Have you truthfully answered this quiz.
  22. Did u truthfully answer the last question

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