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  • ok, this is umm important i guess.. you know how one of the questions ask you what year you joined. their was only 2006, 2007, 2008. but... my... first account was umm.. made in umm.. 2014 not 2006, 2007 or 2008... please fix that...

    nicholas12 Feb 3 '18, 6:59PM
  • I joined roblox in 2015. Sooo whed youthewyoudidin question was kinda bad me for me. got 60%

    Pompf Jan 3 '16, 12:51PM
  • My account name there is shoottowin1. I dominate the landscapes of Survive the Disasters, military factory/fort tycoon and ROBLOX battle

    shoottowin Jan 2 '16, 5:16AM
  • 62%. I kinda like ROBLOX, but it has many flaws too. Most games are buggy, most players are crap at the game, the comments are filled with scamming and clickbait in every game or spamming, scammers everywhere, the admins are possibly greedy, the admins never listen to the players, a lot of games are pay-to-win games, they give unfair advantages to players who pay for a gamepass, the catalog (place where you buy clothes to customize yourself) is not free and available for everyone, the majority of the community is either really young or really stupid (or both), random lag in some games, the chat activity is either too high or too low, the few good players easily kill others and become arrogant d0uchebags... Kinda affected me too... The reporting system either works never or you get banned for 1 day saying the word s---. Really bad ads that you need to pay for to get them away, some ads are even games made to scam players and trick them into giving their password, most games made are horribly bad, the best games are ignored and people pick games like BOYS AND GIRLS HANGOUT above them while they s*ck, the censoring is so weird and random, here is an example: hello, my name is ####### and # #### ####n#. Try figuring that out before the other types something else simular to that, last but not least, the games recommended for you, are games you already played, instead of unknown ones to you.

    shoottowin Jan 2 '16, 5:10AM
  • i got 98%

    MasterXD Dec 6 '15, 9:18PM
  • YOU GUYS ARE MEAN!!! RBLX is way better my username is dudeboybbb.

    MasterXD Dec 6 '15, 9:17PM
  • 84% wot I go on roblox every day I should have 100% I have Colvin Yom model it rules

    okayokay Nov 2 '15, 7:23AM
  • Plus this is creepy

    MooMoo31 May 30 '15, 7:01PM
  • I got 90

    Darkpony13 Feb 18 '15, 1:04PM
  • Lol i got 65 and I dont even play roblox LOL

    danthecoolman Oct 3 '14, 7:10AM
  • Roblox is pretty epic! Too much going on to be playing it though. I used to play ALL the time (sometimes too long). For people who be hating it, just chill. Roblox is a very cool game, and if you don't like it, go and play Minecraft (another epic building game). Ok, I already explained my point, but for the people who can only understand 'H@T3R' language: "ROBLOX IS EPIC if you don't lik eet, go cry to ur mum! Waaaahhh!!"

    Joker1001 Oct 7 '13, 5:30PM
  • f*** u losers your jealous of roblox beacause a f***** site is cooler than u bast*** bit**es

    wolf75677 Sep 14 '12, 9:41PM
  • im matthewno on roblox look for me and friend me as best friend

    wolf75677 Sep 14 '12, 9:38PM
  • I got 100% =D

    bloodlust742 Apr 10 '12, 12:12AM
  • I got 100% =D

    bloodlust742 Apr 10 '12, 12:11AM
  • i got 95% which is epic my name is emeraldiguana look out for me ;p any way im friends with nerfmodder and a bunch others i wish i could get bc but my mom says no idky but im happy the way my avitar looks anyways

    emeraldiguana Oct 17 '11, 8:30PM
  • -.- 83% should be about 100% :p

    Mossclaw Sep 4 '11, 1:49PM
  • come here--> I programmed a few original robots in ROBLOX, a fun online universe

    joejoe22 Apr 1 '11, 11:18PM
  • i know it bankrupted my mom we tried to sue they have so much lawyers

    530012838 Apr 5 '10, 2:22PM
  • eff roblox they should be sued and have there website deleted they stole my dad's credit card for bastards club-i mean builders club and they won't let me cancell it

    ihateroblox Feb 22 '10, 7:26PM

    poopking Jan 3 '10, 8:29AM
  • i got 0%
    no need to call blockland stupid because its way better than roblox.

    IamSparta Sep 19 '09, 1:34PM

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