Are you a roadrunner or a coyote

There are many coyotes who are always chasing the leaders into the future, but only the roadrunners lead and find the joy. The coyote only wants to catch the roadrunner, yet does not enjoy the experience.

The coyote uses the things it surrounds itself with to try to fine happiness (joy), but it always fails. The roadrunner finds the joy in the experience of running (life)and does not worry about the things it could collect along the way.

Created by: qwerty
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you fast
  2. Do you shop at ACME
  3. Wher do you live
  4. Do you stop for bird seed
  5. Do you live in pack
  6. What kind of sound do you make
  7. Can you survive a 200 ft fall
  8. Can you fly
  9. Can you out run a train
  10. Do you have a white flag

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Quiz topic: Am I a roadrunner or a coyote