Are You a REAL Yooper?

The following quiz is made by me. I consider myself a true Yooper, but I have my biases. Stereotypical Yooper culture tends to be defined by the Finnish culture, the Western U.P., loggers and miners, the long and severe Winters in some areas, etc.

Are you a true Yooper? This quiz will give you an idea of how you compare to a Yooper as defined by me! If you think I'm off my rocker, please let me know, and you can help me refine it!

Created by: jim of this site
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  1. You are fishing along a stream in the U.P. and somebody living nearby has put up wind chimes by the path. What is your first though?
  2. What is a chook?
  3. What substance does one typically (but not exclusively) pank?
  4. What nationality has had the most influence on the Yooper accent?
  5. What substance is the Ojibway mine best known for?
  6. If a Yooper is talking to a sales rep down in California, what nationality might he be mistaken for?
  7. The town of Amasa set a record for coldest non-wind chill temp in January of 1993. How cold did it get?
  8. Which of the following characteristics best describes a true Yooper?
  9. In what town did the Rum Rebellion take place?
  10. Your neighbor mows his grass, and some clippings travel to your yard. What do you do?
  11. There have been movements to have the U.P. become the 51st state. What do you think about that?

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Quiz topic: Am I a REAL Yooper?