Are you A Real YnoT Angel

There are true Angels and those that fall from grace. Are you an Angel? Do you believe you know everything there is to klnow about YnoT are you clever enough to rise to the challenge?

In just a short while you will find out whether you have hit cloud nine or are still trying to get off the ground. Did you know your stuff about YnoT? You are about to find out.

Created by: Angel

  1. What year was founder member Tony Healy born?
  2. What was YnoTs first official single release?
  3. What song featured Actress on guest vocals?
  4. What YnoT song appeared on the 2005 Chromium records compilation album?
  5. What part of the UK are YnoT from?
  6. What winmx chatroom was YnoTs second ep named after?
  7. 'Its not the killer who commits the crime' ... what YnoT song are these lyrics from?
  8. In which year did YnoT officialy release their first album?
  9. When Tony Healy appeared naked with wings which song was he promoting?
  10. With which charity did YnoT donate half the proceeds from there first album too?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Real YnoT Angel