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  • I'm ashamed to admit it, but I spent my first 19 years in Va Mont, as they say. Hey, the VT I knew of people who cared for each other, met at the Moose, or other two or three lodges in town, who believed that their future was in their own hands and who felt they were beholden to no one, except their country of that period in history, no longer exists.

    It is a state much, much poorer than that of my time; roads that were voted worst in the country, state subsidies to any entity that suggestes socialism, run by a legislature that was not born in VT, instead of farmers, and is the laughing stock of the country because of its politics and "Boiney" Sanders, who, by the way,as related to me by another legislator "wanders around the Halls of Congress with nothing to do because he has zero confidence from his colleagues.

    I could go on, but it makes me so sad that I would rather be positive. O.K., the physical characteristics of the state are very pretty, but, sadly, the turning of the leaves in other states are, contrary to what our Office of Tourism wants us to believe, just as pretty.

    History repeats itself? Not always.

  • ~rosie56 7 generations! That's nothing, sister! Start talking when you're in the double digits!

    ~woodchu ck Even more of a flatlander than Rosie, but I agree with your sentiments about your own kind. Give us real Vermonters your money and leave.

    ~Gar ??? Like wtf? Have you ever really been to Vermont? 'Boiney'? Laughing stock? Really? And thank you for your opinion on the foliage. Why don't you and your other flatlander friends go to another state that's 'just as pretty'. We don't want you anyway.

    ~eacmllr Don't like the cold,eh? Why don't you try moving back to Florida then?

    ~Gleekster 345 Skiig? W..e? What does that even mean? I...I...I can't compute.

    ~d22g Did you know that 'seasonal resident' is codeword for Flatlander?

  • 77%. I don't own a SAAB or Volvo. I don't think trips to the kingdom are "quaint". I live there and have all of my life. I have chosen to be educated and enjoy a trip to Church St occasionally and appreciate the beauty of the lake, but would not want to live there. I hate the traffic, love my quiet way of life and privacy. The woodchucks I know would give you the shirt of their backs at 20 below if you needed it more than they did.

  • I ca'nt speak for others, but I'm a 4th generation vermonter, that means native to you flatlanders.We like all states have problems but we get by, If you don't like it here,you can always leave your money and git.

  • I am a full time resident, not a seasonal resident! Just don't get around much! And I don't like the cold!

  • I'm a 7th generation Vermonter but this silly quiz thinks I'm a flatlander.

  • I got tourist but i'm a seasonal resident

  • Ummm I live here I am a teenager I don't drive so... And I don't really care about skiig or news about politics but w..e


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