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  • To Asha Lay Lay who scored 1% and probably rated my quiz very low...ehem, Punk is a timeless factor of people being creative and different! The term punk had many meanings upto the 1930s where it was no longer used. Legs McNeil (co-founder of "Punk" magazine, brought the term back for basically just another lot of hippies but these hippies were a fresh start. The man had made a hippie a stereotype and made them certiain things. These "Punks" were just rebels who expressed themselves mostly through the creative arts....Thank you!!!

  • Your quiz is bulls---. I hung out and performed at cbgb off and on from 1977 to 1992 and max's kansas city from 1977 til they closed as well as peppermint lounge, danceteria, tramps, pyramid, love club, mud club, the dive, you name it i was there. You need some schoolin in old school punk, b----es.


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