Are you a REAL Mariakutty fan?

People are fans, but it takes a fob to be a MEGA FAN. Try out the Mariakutty Fan Quiz. Will you be the mega fan like Mariakutty and Joesph or be left behind the Anajali's brothers. Try it Today!

Mariakutty is the infamous women seen on rohit and georide. spaces. and on you tube. just go to either place, and enjoy. On you tube, search Mariakutty and get ready for a amazing show.

Created by: Mariakutty

  1. Which of the following is a character from Mariakutty?
  2. Which episode was Rohit displayed as both Mariakutty and Anjali?
  3. Which of the following is a sponsor of Mariakutty episode one?
  4. None of these are the REAL Mariakutty website EXCEPT...
  5. Who played the role of the doctor at the wedding?
  6. Which song was in Mariakutty?
  7. How many brothers did Anjali have?
  8. How many parts was the mega finale?
  9. Why does Rejoy decided to break up with Priya?
  10. How does Mariakutty die (MOST specific)?

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Quiz topic: Am I a REAL Mariakutty fan?