Are you a real stoner?

A lot of people smoke...but only a select few are REAL stoners! I can easily say that there are more posers than real stoners, and most of the posers probably haven't even laid their eyes on it! But if you don't smoke and you don't pretend to be a stoner...that's ok!

Are you a stoner? Do you just hit it casually with your friends? Do you even smoke at all? Be honest while answering the questions of this quiz, and you'll surely find out!

Created by: Allyssa

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  1. What word do you usually use to refer to marijuana?
  2. Do you think bud is bad for you?
  3. When you're running low, how do you get more?
  4. Do you smoke bud?
  5. What's it like for you to be blazed?
  6. What would someone usually pay for an ounce?
  7. What is a spoon?
  8. When you get stoned, do you call your friends to tell them about it?
  9. About how many days a week do you smoke bud?
  10. Do you think you're cool?

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Quiz topic: Am I a real stoner?