Are you a REAL gamer?

Gamers are, after all, what makes the world tick. What is a gamer? A gamer is someone who would lay down there life for an unexsitant character in a game.

Are you willing to take up arms to defend your console's name? Are you willing to wait hours on end for a midnight release? Would you stay up all night just to get past that one level? Are YOU a gamer?

Created by: ally

  1. What's one of your favorite games?
  2. What's your favorite type of game?
  3. How long would you wait for a midnight release?
  4. Would you rather...
  5. What do you do when you get a new game?
  6. What's your favorite console?
  7. How long have you been gaming?
  8. What's your favorite kind of music?
  9. What do you do when it's raining outside?
  10. How may licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsiepop?

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Quiz topic: Am I a REAL gamer?