Are You a Real Galaxy Defender?

Galaxy Defenders are rare but there are some out there. What is a true Galaxy Defender? A true Galaxy Defender is a Mcfly fan who knows loads about them.

Are you a true Galaxy Defender? Take this quiz to find out if you are worthy of this title! Until now you may not have known, but in a couple of minutes you could find out!

Created by: @mcflygdefenders
  1. Who is the oldest in Mcfly?
  2. Which band member(s) are from Essex?
  3. What line is in 'Little Joanna'?
  4. What year did ROTTF first come out?
  5. Mcfly have written some One Direction songs.
  6. Who went to Uppingham School?
  7. What is Toms wife called?
  8. What is Harrys wife called?
  9. What is Harrys wife called?
  10. What is the name of Danny or Dougies girlfriend?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Real Galaxy Defender?