Are You A Rare Person?

This is a quiz to see if you would be a unique friend. Are you someone who would stand out and go against people you don't know? Would you defend your friends from someone who is bigger than you or more popular. Or would you side with them against your friends.

Are you a unique person? Do you really have that kind of personality. In just a few minutes this quiz will tell you just how unique and what an outstanding friend you are. Answer truthfully because only truth can tell.

Created by: Kyle
  1. Do people say you're complex?
  2. Do you have a unique clothing sense? Or does everyone around you wear the same kinds of clothes.
  3. Do you want to be popular?
  4. What's your favorite ice-cream topping?
  5. Do you want to be filthy stinking rich and live a life with the person of your choice that's a hot celebrity?
  6. Do you want to grow up to be a famous sports athlete?
  7. When you grow up. Do you think the world will be taken over by flying monkey ninja babies from an alternate dimension with flying discs of diaper poopy?
  8. What would your one wish be if you had 6 options?
  9. What would you do if your friend was kicked out of the popular club?
  10. If you could save your friend from a car accident. Orrr. Stay at a raffle drawing to become an instant popular athlete and you are the only one who entered. What would you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Rare Person?