are you a poser prep?

use it all the time to watch Greek, and the ep is up already, I'm watching it now! Its awesome, get on there! ENJOY =) 13 hours ago can u guys compare and contrast the book grnres of fiction/nonfiction 1 year ago Additional Details 1 year ago oops i made a mistake i meant to put genres*

ParaGraph is a graphical display system for visualizing the behavior and performance of parallel programs on message-passing parallel computers. It takes as input execution trace data provided by PICL (Portable Instrumented Communication Library), developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and available from netlib. PICL optionally produces an execution trace during an actual run of a parallel program on a message-passing machine, and the resulting trace data can then be replayed pictorially with ParaGraph to display a dynamic, graphical depiction of the behavior of the parallel program. ParaGraph provides several distinct visual perspectives from which to view processor utilization, communication traffic, and other performance data in an attempt to gain insights that might be missed by any single view.

Created by: Jade

  1. Do you wear Abercrombie, Hollister, Aeropostale or other?
  2. Do you say like a lot?
  3. do you listen to blessthefall?
  4. and finally, what website is your life basically on
  5. le?
  6. ahahahahahhahaahhah!
  7. rftsdmkal,;s,sdkfgh
  8. um sry about the wierd questions, i have to make 10 of them, so yeah.
  9. trhs
  10. df

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Quiz topic: Am I a poser prep?