Are You a Total Prep?

There are many cute people but few preps. Preps are awsome! They are the ones picked for prom queen and the ones who get the good looking dates. So never be ashamed to be a prep!

Are YOU a prep? Do you have what it takes to be prom queen or the one who gets all the cute guys liking her?? Maybe you can be the top scorer maybe you will be happy with your score maybe you will be unhappy.

Created by: Kara

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  1. If you could go on a $1000 shopping spree, what store would you choose?
  2. Which accessory is a must have?
  3. what is your all time fave band/singer
  4. how many black articles of clothing do you think u own
  5. have you ever cut
  6. what is your favorite tv show
  7. how do u feel about UGGS
  8. what is your favorite color of the folowing
  9. what is your desktop picture
  10. how many years have you been dancing

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Quiz topic: Am I a Total Prep?