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  • Dude, I skate board, roller skate, enjoy tossing a foot ball, drawing, writing, reading, listening to music, helping my friends, laughing, joking, and night time. I'm smart, considerate, don't act like a b---- to everyone unless you start something, and finish what I start. I stand up for friends, and hey, I'm open minded too. I'm christian as well. I don't try acting like something else cause I feel so stupid if I tried. I do my own thing, got the poser result. My friends tried turning me into a girly girl, a prep, and the whole time I became difficult with them. I can't be changed, and I'm 100% real. Oh and guess what, I'm uber honest too. I get people mad at me for being honest. So put that on your skate board and ride it, idiot.

  • Bruh im not a poser. ive been skating for 5 years. if anything, the creator of this quiz is a poser. how do you expect me to know half this s---. all of it is skater stereotypes. we come from all different backgrounds. not all of us have peircings, shop at hottopic and listen to punk music. my god.

  • No my friend I am not a poser but you are. You do not even know what a poser is so why don't you go shoot yourself and let the world be a much better place :)

  • Wtf man I get poser? I'm a f---in 100% real man and u know what u the poser u lil trash.

  • I no im a poser and theres nothing wroong with it lol good quiz

    lil peepz
  • totally agree with the person below. and im not a posuer (btw thats how you spell it f---ers) im a 100% percent rocker. \m/(-_-)\m/


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