are you a pittsburgh steeler fan

there are many football fans out there. but only some can be lucky enough to be called a pittsburgh steelers fan. what is a pittsburgh steeler fan? some one who knows everything about the steelers. are you a fan take this quiz and find out.

are you a full blooded pittsburgh steelers fan. maybe you think that you are cause you never miss a game. if you take this short quiz you could know whether or not you have been living a lie this whole time.

Created by: maria

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  1. what colors do the pittsburgh steelers sport
  2. what was the name of mvp of the super bowl on 2-5-06
  3. what is casey hamptons #
  4. where is the steelers current home
  5. who is the trash talker for the steelers
  6. who is lucky number seven
  7. who created the terrible towel
  8. who was know as the bus
  9. how many super bowl titles do the steelers currently have as of 2-2-07
  10. who did the steelers play opening regular season game in the year 06
  11. who did the steelers kick out of a chance for the super bowl title for 2007
  12. who is the new coach for the steelers as of 2-2-07
  13. where was the last won super bowl for the steelers played
  14. what was the score for that game
  15. what is the name of the greatest football team ever

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Quiz topic: Am I a pittsburgh steeler fan