Are You A Pandicorn?

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Hillo! This quiz is for you to figure out whether you are a pandicorn! Pandicorns are magical creatures who can grant wishes to children in need and you can also fly!

A short backstory is basically there planet got to close to the sun and melted and they had to evacuate. Pandicorns are typically lazy with a life span of over 450 years. Good luck!

Created by: BearFish

  1. Do you like rainbows?
  2. Do you know the colors of the rainbow in order?[Don't bother looking it up]
  3. Are you magical?
  4. Do you like ketchup?
  5. What do you think of homophobia, racism, sexism, etc.
  6. Glitter?
  7. Are you unique/weird?
  8. Do you like the darkness?
  9. Do you like socializing?
  10. Are you a good person?

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