Are you a pageant girl at heart

this quiz is to see if you are a true pageant girl. thats all there is. its funa nd easy and funny. I hope you have fun doing it. i had fun making it.

Are you a true pageant girl? this quiz will help you find out for sure. take a look and see it your are or not. hope you have fun doing it. i had fun making it. this thing makes you write to much I love pageants. yes i do! I hope you like them too! PAGEANTS!

Created by: starlet

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you love Pageants?
  2. Think of Pageants a lot?
  3. How many pageants have tou done?
  4. Do you like Crowns?
  5. Do you think our quiz is fun?
  6. Are you coming to the Miss American Starlet 20th Anniverserary Grand Nationals?
  7. Do you enjoy doing pageants?
  8. Do make a lot of friends when you do pageants?
  9. How do you spell fun?
  10. how long will you do pageants?

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Quiz topic: Am I a pageant girl at heart