Are you a non-believer?

There are many non-believers, but few are true non-believers. What is a non-believer you ask? a non-believer is some one who does not believe in any thing at all!

Are you a true non-believer? Do you think everything is fake, or do you just not believe in any thing. If you want you can find out now with this cool quiz!

Created by: Mal

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  1. Do you believe in ADD or ADHD?
  2. Do you believe inertia is a theory? In other words do you believe in inertia?
  3. Do you believe in liquids?
  4. Do you still believe in Unicorns?
  5. Do you believe that special eds are just pretending so they get special attention?
  6. Do you believe in soft pretzels?
  7. Do you believe in math?
  8. Do you believe in BOXES or 3D SQUARES?
  9. Do you believe in school?
  10. Do you believe in quizes?
  11. Do you think your a "non-believer"

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Quiz topic: Am I a non-believer?