What religion are you?

There are alot of religions around. You don't know what you are? Well, at least you can take this quiz to find out. Are you a believer, or non-believer?

Are you an extrodinary one? Specialty? Quiz yourself on sins, believing, church, etc. Take this quiz to see what you are, and you are in true fashion. Take this quiz today!

Created by: Aurora Carendore

  1. What IS your religion (most likely to get)?
  2. How much often do you talk about God?
  3. Who do you believe in?
  4. What religion are MOST of your friends?
  5. (Christians and Catholics) How much do you sin daily?
  6. (Other religions) Do you happen to have Christians or Catholics as friends?
  7. Do you listen to religion songs?
  8. Are you weird?
  9. Do you know each and every sin?
  10. Do you go to church?

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Quiz topic: What religion am I?