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  • I'm a geek but I'm an athletic geek.

    O1Awesomeness Jan 28 '16, 8:47AM
  • Have I ever had a boyfriend uh ya so both those is wrong I'm notta nerd or geek tho

    Britany298 Jan 11 '16, 8:51PM
  • What scares you more:
    - Bullies
    - Orks

    My answer
    - people you can't spell correctly :D

    12Mei21 Jul 3 '14, 12:20AM
  • 86% nerd. I wish teachers liked me. My teachers think I'm uptight. Given the fact that I lectured my History teacher last year about the importance of age appropriate learning material I guess they're not wrong. But, still. Nice quiz.

    SarahA Feb 8 '13, 9:45PM
  • that was so lame

    abc123cde Jul 24 '09, 1:07PM
  • Geek? O.o

    xXShatteredXx Nov 27 '08, 9:44PM
  • that was stupid

    bballxloverxo Nov 27 '08, 6:46PM

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