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  • I'm a twin and we have history of knowing when each other is hurt. My husband claims to not believe but even he can't explain some of the dreams I've had that came true. One in particular I dreamt his baba passed away and I told him to make myself and him feel better as with my history if I share most of the time it doesn't happen or it's just coincidence explainable but the dream was Sunday night and Wednesday my mother in law called frantically saying her brother passed away. He passed what autopsy estimates Sunday from a rare inherited disease that is diagnosed by accident usually post mortem or a relative with the gene. I only met my uncle in law a couple of times during a week he came to visit us as he lived thousands of kilometers away & he lived on his own when he hadn't showed up for work, call, answered or returned calls Monday his work knew something was wrong but police said call back the next day if it happened again Tuesday came police called they found my uncle in law Tuesday nigh & alerted family on Wednesday morning. 1 week after the funeral we got a call from the child development unit in the childrens hospital and appointment was cancelled somehow we were the 1st on the list which was strange because the average wait time was about 13 months & we were told 7 months at the hospital but the referral was only made 2 weeks prior to the sudden appointment. Our 18 month old daughter was confirmed autistic. I having experience working with special needs since I was in grade 2 could alert others a seizure was going to happen by age of 13 so I had known when my daughter was 4 months old & was not meeting milestones by 9 months old I was bugging her Dr who kept saying wait finally as we were walking out his door our daughter ran up to a lady grabbed her leg hugging it (1st time he'd seem this but we had seen it a few times she barely had 8 words she could partly say so he chan

  • It says i am but didnt know it oh i know it i just get scared after being haunted several times by black shawdows saying goodbye to my loved ones in my dreams n ghost hauntings in every house now orbs in pics of me n my daughter that stuff scares me.. After going thru it with black shadows im afraid to inhance it

  • cool! everyone has there strong points and can develop any psychic abilities. I've taken many quizes and it says my strong points are mind reading and telekinesis (moving stuff with your mind)

  • I am I medium and I know it. I can see them. I also have premonition abilities and such. I think I also have a large amount of PK and I think I might have magnokinesis

  • I got kinda too and im just an average ish person who hears things randomly but thats about as far as it goes, would luv to be able to tap into this stuff more tho

  • I kind knew i wanted to be sure and i sewcond guess myself and i don't know how to get good since its always been away of life

    lenoka wilson
  • I got kinda... I can't really see ghosts but I can predict the future.

  • kinda...


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