Are You A Naruto Otaku?

People claim to love naruto, and claim to be fans of it (Otaku = anime fan) but how many actually ARE? More and more people are watching naruto, and more and more Naru-fans and Narutards are coming, Narutards SUCK!

ARE you a Naruto Otaku? Would you make a good Kage/ANBU member? Take this test and find out! And dont be a dumbass, you might turn out to be a HUGE Narutard... Narutards smell funny too, they sort of smell like 2.4 year old milk mixed with fresh cat urine.

Created by: 1hd2
  1. What does ANBU stand for?
  2. Who runs Iwagakure?
  3. What is the first phrase said in the whole series?
  4. Which two characters are the first to kiss in the series?
  5. Which episode does the 3rd Hokage die?
  6. What is the 3rd line of the fourth naruto opening theme?
  7. Who is the first examiner in the Chuunin exams?
  8. What is the first question in the written part of the Chuunin exams?
  9. When is Rock Lee's Birthday?
  10. How old was Kakashi when he became a Jonin?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Naruto Otaku?