Are you a monkey or a gorilla?

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Well, here's what might possibly be the first-ever Monkey vs. Gorilla test. The first few questions are based on likes and dislikes and behavior and things like that. But the last questions are simply based on preference.

I hope you enjoy this fun test!! It's my second test using my profile. I've made others besides, using different names. I hope you love this unique (or so I hope) test!

Created by: JustWhoIAm

  1. Oki! Are you more violent or playful?
  2. Do you like bananas?
  3. Swing through the trees or knuckle-walk?
  4. At a playground or at home?
  5. Brown or gray?
  6. Are you social or not especially?
  7. Do you want a tail?
  8. Just out of curiosity, do you like Tarzan?
  9. Chittering or grunting?
  10. That's all! Hope you enjoyed.

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Quiz topic: Am I a monkey or a gorilla?