Where Should You Live

This test is strictly made for fun, you'll answer a total of 10 questions about different things that will be counted towards each different possible result.

There are seven different possible results, each is different from each other and are based simply on your answers on each of the questions. Have fun taking the test, it's simple and quick.

Created by: Elsie

  1. On a scale from Not at all-5, how introverted are you?
  2. Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
  3. Do you want City sky lines or forest for a view?
  4. Are you interested in the Japanese Culture?
  5. Do you like the rain?
  6. What is your preferred way to travel?
  7. Do you like tall buildings?
  8. Do you like snow?
  9. What type of life do you want to lead?
  10. Would you be willing to learn another/second language?

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