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  • I don't think you really know what a Mary/Gary even IS. You're complaining about "creative" differences. Marys and Garys are exactly the OPPOSITE of how you're depicting them; they're godlike characters, however they're presented. There's nothing creative ABOUT them. If you told me your OC was a vampire-dragon hybid named Shadow, then yes, you are a Mary/Gary GODDESS. Marys and Garys have to do with being typical [take for example typical "nobody understands me I'm such a clutz" Bella from Twilight, or "I'm a vegetarian vampire and I sparkle like a god in the sunlight and I'm perfect in every way" Edward from the aforementioned.]

  • The last comment confused me... but it was fun taking the quiz and really that's what counts on a website like this. Nice job :)


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