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  • You cannot be a marxist and a libertarian.This is not possible.Either one believes in free markets or they do not.If the government gives tax payer money to certain companies but not others this is not a free market.All companies should be driven by private investment including general motors,solar and wind green energy companies.If a company cannot make it on its own without government tax payer money then it goes away or gets restructured through bankruptcy laws.

  • Wow, I had to give a bunch of answers that I do not even agree with and I still only scored 70% Libertarian! I even had to say that I have read books that I never read, used phrases that I have never used, and support ideologies that I have never heard of before. This is one crazy test!! Now I am being considered partly �Collectivis t� with �Cognitive Dissonance�. Gosh, that is not what my headshrinker told me I was! LOL!! Just Kidding!

    Look folks, I am simply an average guy who believes in Economic Freedom, Representative Government, and a Constitutional Republic. When you start telling people that they have to read all kinds of crazy literature and support crazy causes in order to fit into their political club, it begins to sound more like Communism than like anything that supports Freedom.

  • Lol, I don't hate freedom, I just have a different definition of freedom than you do. I just took this quiz for fun, though. I'm actually a libertarian Marxist, if you know what that is.

    Right libertarians are corporate fascists, btw.

  • ...As a Libertarian this quiz is flat out stupid. Lol I got less then 5% The main failure of this quiz is that it assumes there are no other views besides "Libertarian" and "Everybody else"

  • By telling me that I must reform my collectivist sympathies you are defeating the purpose of being a libertarian. Do a bit of reading up on the Ayn Rand Institute and some of Peikoff's lectures.

  • The quiz sucks because it assumes there are no political ideologies other than Objectivism and Marxism. This is why nobody votes Libertarian.

  • According to the quiz, being female deducts 3% off of your Libertarian Score.

  • 11%

    Did you just call me a Marxist...? Isn't that like Communist?

  • 13%. Marxist? Hey I hate that guy


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