Are you a HUGE sonamy fan?

If you're a sonamy fan then lets how see big of a fan are ya take this quiz and test your reactions to sonic the hedgehog and Amy rose's love or against them?

Are you a coreagous one or a chicken to take a fan quiz? Test your reactions to their love, or are you afraid? Real sonamy( or anti-sonamy,doubt it) fans would take this quiz!

Created by: Rebel J/ # 1 sonamy fan
  1. Do you HATE Sally acorn?
  2. If sonic and Amy broke up how would you react?
  3. If sonic proposes to Amy would you go to their wedding?
  4. If Sally wanted to get back together with sonic how mad would you react?
  5. Say you where Sally acorn you see sonic and Amy together, what would you do?
  6. Ok, you see sonic and Amy fighting what do you do?
  7. If sonic and Amy where in high school what would you do?
  8. Ok say sonic didn't like Amy what would you do?
  9. If Amy changes her look, would sonic still love her?( this is a true sonamy fan question!choose wisely!)
  10. Final question! Do you love sonamy?I know it's a dumb and obvious question < 3

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Quiz topic: Am I a HUGE sonamy fan?