Are you a Homeschooler

There are all kinds of schools across the country with different ways to educate people. There are public schools, and private schools. But there is one I have not mentioned yet. Homeschoolers

Are you a homeschooler, or a guy/girl trying to make the computer is a homeschooler? There are two ways to complete this quiz with the computer thinking your a homeschooler, or knowing that you are a private/public schooler. You be the judge!

Created by: timnar

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  1. Do you know the first twenty digits of pi?
  2. Have you read the whole series of "The Kingdom Series"
  3. Do you always finish school in like, the beginning of April.
  4. Do you program with Scratch?
  5. Is your mom a teacher and dad a principle?
  6. If you ask for the definition of a word, does your mom say, "look it up."?
  7. What is AIO?
  8. Have you ever been felt sorry for due to the location of your education?
  9. Have you ever gone to prom?
  10. Do you believe that the majority of schools across the country have at least one bully.

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