Are you a history wiz?

My favorite subject in school is history. They've always loved history. He gives you chance to learn about the world passed him what's going on in the world since before you were born. and honestly most people I know say that me and 11-year-old kid and a history genius.

Can you squeeze the series of history questions. It asks about dates, places, and other events or people involved in history. you think your history genius well just take the quiz to find out.

Created by: K the 5th grader
  1. Marie Curie was born on what date?
  2. Florence Nightengale's occupation was...
  3. Where was Anne Frank born?
  4. The inventor of Hershey's chocolate is...
  5. The titanic sailed in what year?
  6. Who founded the Red Cross?
  7. Who was king during the revolutionary war?
  8. Who wrote ode to joy?
  9. Who discovered electricity?
  10. Did Betsy Ross sew the first American Flag?

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Quiz topic: Am I a history wiz?