Are you a Hero or an NPC

Are you a Hero or an NPC? Is your life exciting or boring? You might be a courageous hero, adventuring and rescuing princesses! Weilding swords and living a truly glamourous and exciting life! Find out now! Take the quiz!

Are you a Hero or an NPC? Life can ether be an adventure, or a routine. Answer this quiz honestly and the secrets of your psyche will be revealed (note: this quiz is for fun only). Find out which characterizes you now!

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  1. Your town is rotting and everyone is dying, what do you do?
  2. You find a sword in a treasure chest...
  3. You've heard a rumor about a haunted castle to the Northeast...
  4. Pick an animal:
  5. Pick a number
  6. Princesses are for...
  7. Airships are:
  8. Pick a Final Fantasy class:
  9. Pick one
  10. Finally, what makes a hero?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Hero or an NPC