Are you a hard worker

Their are many workers, but hard workers, there are few. What is a hard worker? A hard worker cares about their work and is happy with their job and is able to move up on the corporate food chain whenever they want.

Are you a hard worker, do you have the prestigious work ethic that only few can achieve but many want, but thanks to this amazing quiz, you will find out in just a few questions.

Created by: Alexandra

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  1. If someone interrupted you when you are working would you care
  2. Do you hand your work in on time
  3. How many days a week do you work
  4. Do you enjoy your work
  5. Are you high up on the food chain
  6. Do you like your job
  7. Did you go to university
  8. Have you ever not gone to work when you are supposed to
  9. Have you ever gone on strike
  10. Do you go on business trips
  11. When did you last get a promotion

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Quiz topic: Am I a hard worker