are you a happy person

you are sad { or not?}. i don't quite know but you shuld be happier now. see the life inn different world is hard and sure will be effective {affective} you did for fun didn't you?

you are my favorite person! go easy-laughing.i am sure if you were with me you could have killed me from laughing.just you wanna know that you are handsome/pretty and you are popular don't give a heck thing about are worth for me! you did this quiz for fun didn't you?

Created by: LIND

  1. how often do you laugh?
  2. how often do you smile?
  3. how many friend do you have?
  4. doy you hate youself?
  5. if someone wants to kill you?
  6. what do you like the most?
  7. what do you hate the most?
  8. how many times you flare up?
  9. aren't you tired?
  10. just you know this is my first quiz if you are wondered by your result and see if you are mixed up.turn it back! i mean change the result to the most different and turned on for example if you are sad and you see happy! change it to negative one okay? yeah okay i am gonna try it sorry first quiz and mistakes!

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Quiz topic: Am I a happy person