are you a happy person?

this quiz is to see if you really are a happy person. you may think you are but some people may find a life changing, sometimes unhappy, experience but it is for the best so to find out how truly happy you are take this freeking awesome quiz.

if the results of this quiz depress you i am truley sorry but this quiz only tells as it sees and you can easily change fate with one choice. i hope you enjoy this quiz.i mean it i really sincerly hope you do and this is not a joke.

Created by: stephanie

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  1. how happy are you that you are taking this quiz??
  2. which of the following would someone catch you doing on a regular basis.
  3. if i were to meet you right now how would you greet me??
  4. what is your favorite out of all of these colors?
  5. do you think you are happy?
  6. has any one ever accused you of being overly excited
  7. do you think of yourself as having high self confidence?
  8. do you think of yourself as attractive?
  9. how many freinds do you think you have??
  10. are you sad that this quiz is over??

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Quiz topic: Am I a happy person?